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Chapter 10

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10. 1 Hear once again MY supreme Word, which I shall speak to you, who are so loving, for your welfare
10. 2 Neither Gods nor the great sages know the secret of my origin, for I am the cause in all respects of gods, great seers.
10. 3 He who knows ME in reality as birth less, and without beginning and as the Supreme Lord of the Universe, he un-deluded among men, is purged of all sins


Purged of all sins because this knowledge and conviction can come only out of Great faith, and constant contemplation and love of the Lord; all of which will

10. 4 Reason, right Knowledge, unclouded understanding, forbearance, veracity, control over the senses, and mind, joy and sorrow, evolution and dissolution, fear and fearlessness, non-violence,
10. 5 Equanimity,contentment, austerity, charity, fame and obloquy- these3 diverse traits of creatures emanated from ME alone.
10. 6 The seven rishis, the four elders, and the fourteen Manus, who are all devoted to ME, were born of MY will. from them all creatures of this world have descended.

We think that we can reason, we are wise, etc, but the Lord says, what we egoistically attribute to ourselves are all emanated from HIM and are HIS gift to chosen beings. It is like realizing that my daughter is mine, only to find out she really belongs rightfully to her husband and I was only a caretaker for him! Should bring our arrogance down!

10. 7 He who knows in reality this supreme divine glory, and supernatural power of MINE gets established in ME through unfaltering devotion; of this there is no doubt.
10.8 I am the source of all creation and everything in the world moves because of ME. Knowing thus, the wise full of devotion constantly worship ME.

10. 9 With their minds fixed on ME, their lives surrendered to ME, enlightening one another about MY greatness and speaking of ME, My devotees ever remain contented and take delight in ME.
10. 10 In order to shower MY Grace on them I, dwelling in their heart, dispel the darkness born of ignorance by the shining light of wisdom


First is to know, understand, contemplate, the overwhelming, limitless supremacy and glory of the Lord
More we look, meditate and reason we see HIS infinity and our limitations and thus
We are now ready to fix our mind on HIM,
Surrender our lives to HIM,
Enlightening one another of HIS greatness
Speaking of HIM
Remain contented and take delight in HIM
RESULT: HE showers HIS grace, dispels ignorance, and gives wisdom

10. 11 You are the transcendent Eternal. the Supreme Abode and the greatest purifier;all the seers speak of you as the eternal divine Purusha, the primal Deity, unborn and all pervading
10. 12-13 You are the transcendental Eternal, the supreme Abode and the greatest purifier; all the seers speak of you as the eternal divine Purusha, the primal Deity, unborn and all pervading. Likewise speak the celestial sage Narada, sages Asita and Devala and great sage Vyasa
10. 14 Krsna, I believe as true all that you tell me, Lord, neither demons nor gods are aware of your manifestation through sport
10. 15 O Creator of beings,O Ruler of creatures, god of gods, the Lord of the universe, O Supreme Purusha, You alone know what You are by Yourself.
10. 16 Therefore, You alone can describe in full Your divine glories, whereby You stand pervading all these worlds.
10. 17 O Master of Yoga, through what process of continuous meditation shall I know You? And in what particular forms, O Lord, are you to be meditated upon by me?
10. 18 Krsna, tell me in detail Your Power of Yoga and Your Glory; for I know no satiety in hearing Your nectar-like words

Arjuna by now knows HIS Supreme greatness
HE alone can explain Himself about Himself
Arjuna wants to know forms of Lord to meditate upon.

10. 19 Arjuna, now I shall tell you my conspicuous divine glories, for there is no limit to MY magnitude

This means there are inconspicuous glories which are not told here. and more important, there is no limit to HIS magnitude. Now list all that HE has done to improve our situation in the last limitless centuries.
How fire came into existence and how later it was tamed and put into a box called matchbox!
Where was electricity for centuries? and where exactly it is now also?
Where was Internet and why we can't live without it for a few hours now, although we lived with out it for centuries?
How could camera take photos from a distance of 12+ miles? No 12+Mn miles, and to boot it the camera was travelling in space at tremendous speed to photograph distant stars.
When we say this is not possible, HE shows to us (remember 'I am the intelligence of the intelligent') greater and unimagined things are possible.
Imagine 100 yrs ago these: Green peace movement, no smoking areas, Pollution control, Consumer rights, 80yr old running marathon, African American as President...No limits to HIS magnitude. HE is the Science, technology....everything. Science is not against HIM. HE is Science.

10. 20 I am the Universal Self seated in the heart of all beings. So I alone am the beginning and middle and also the end of all beings

HE is in you and me and in the wife you scold and every lamb we kill. Our fountain of compassion can ooze forth, and we realize cruelty is not HIS way.
We can invoke HIM in our heart, for HE is never away from us. The Great Realized souls have no need to go anywhere looking for Lord. They see HIM where their eyes fall, and see in that HIS miracles operating.
Now we know, HE is in us as our soul, our intelligent, our mind, our glory, our austerity our every pore, sinew, our tear, our laughter.

10.21-39 HIS conspicuous glories are enumerated. The best or best liked one in each category.

10. 40 There is no limit to MY divine manifestations. This is only a brief description by ME of the extent of MY glory.


In HIS world and Universe, anything can happen, by HIS will. It is always for the general good of all, including the wicked! Future HE works out for the benefit of good and poor, distraught and deprived, meek and humble; Even for those who did not appeal in human language, like plants, animals, vanishing species, atmosphere. His compassion and power is limitless, beyond our thoughts. What HE will do in the centuries ahead becomes clear to Jnani who gets established in HIM.

10.41 Every such being as is glorious, brilliant and powerful, know that to be part manifestation of MY glory.
Don Brad man to little master, the blaster and Gambir.....more to come from dark corners of little villages

Each decade he keeps sending the most handsome and World beauties only to surpass them in next decade.
If you thought of a Nightingale of India, he will bring for playback 100s of them showing HIS power to baffle.

Scientists and greater Newtons, Einsteins, Hawkins, Gandhi, Vinobha, Amte, Pandurang Shashtri like streams of gold coming out of Divine reservoir.

If Wealthy hoard wealth, HE creates from street Opulent to do HIS work of service to poor. He alone creates new sytems of thought, be it communism, socialism capitalism and trashes them when they do not serve.
My friend, we are eternally living in a Magic world of Hidden Magician, showing us miracles in millions around us daily and yet making us not see those;

Do we see how the huge earth, with all its buildings and population, and revolves daily on its axis and also moves around the sun, and yet tea in our cup does not spill out, nor we get a reeling sensation of spin. We do not even recognise this miracle taking place each nano second!

10.42 Or what will you gain by knowing all this in detail, Arjuna ? Suffice it to say that I stand holding this entire universe by a fraction of My Yogic Power.

DEDICATION: This chapter on Lord's Vibhooti is dedicated to most Rev. Ralph Thomas Griffith Hochkin whose translation in verse form, of Valmiki Ramayana remains unexcellable(for the Lord like HIS vibhootis,Hanuman, Tulsidas, has kept them unexcelled and unexcellable).

R T Hochkin's death centenary falls in 2010, before which we propose to distribute copies of his translation to colleges and high schools and residential schools like 575 central Govt Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, the latter in themselves are vibhootis among residential schools , may be IITs, NITs and IIMs libraries.

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