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Chapter 15

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Sri Bhagavan said:

15. 1 He who knows the Ashwatha tree (creation), which is said to be imperishable, with its roots upwards,(in the Primeval Being), whose branches are down and whose leaves are Vedas, he knows.
15. 2 The branches of the tree extend both upwards and downwards fed by the Gunas and having sense objects for their leaves, its roots bind the soul according to its actions in the world of humans
15. 3 Its nature cannot be grasped. It has no beginning nor end. Cut this ashattha tree which is firmly rooted with a determined mind, and with the weapon of dispassion(non attachment)


The creation is compared to an inverted Ashwatha tree; the roots are in the Lord, and branches are in the world of creation, its leaves are Vedas.
The word Shashwatha means permanent, ashashwatha means impermanent; ashwatha tree which looks like permanent or long living with powerful roots and hundreds of branches, is not really permanent.
Jivas are fed by gunas, and the roots(desires and vasanas prompted actions) are the ones which bind the jiva to the creation
Like one who is all the while part of the tree, cannot grasp it, we too cannot understand this creation. The creation looks permanent, without a beginning and without an end.
Lord urges us to cut this false tree of creation by the formidable weapon of detachment. For what prevents us from knowing the tree(creation) is our involvement in it.


Superficially we understand what was said above. What is the test that we really understood what was said?
Spot that statement which you fully agree now.

15. 4 Therefore a man should diligently seek for that supreme state having attained which they return no more to this world; and having resolved that he stands dedicated to that Primeval being Himself, from whom this beginning less creation has progressed, he should dwell and meditate on HIM.

15. 5 The wise men who are free from pride and delusion, who have conquered the evil of attachment, who are in eternal union with God, whose cravings are altogether ceased and who are completely immune from all pairs of opposites going by the names of pleasure and pain, reach that supreme immortal state.


Once we agree that the creation is false, now seek that Supreme State attaining which no rebirth ensues.
Having decided firmly, now dedicate totally to HIM
The wise men who will reach that Supreme State are described
Such wise ones are free from pride and delusion (that this world, its objects, its relationship, our very existence are real )
They get rid of evil called attachment
They have one goal and on that they constantly meditate.
Having given up all cravings, desires, expectations
Have come out of dwandwas like joy and sorrows,

15. 6 Neither sun, moon nor even fire can illumine that Supreme State, attaining which they never return to this world. That is MY Supreme Abode.


The power of that Supreme State is given here
Comparing it to sun, moon, fire; and saying that it is far superior to these which are part of creation.
In other words, that Supreme Abode is beyond or other than this creation


How anything can be superior to Sun? moon we can understand, also fire, a bigger fire is superior. How can there be something superior to Sun? Inconcieveable!
Meditate. The answer dawns and with certainty and clarity

15. 7 The eternal jivatma in this body is a particle of My own being; and it is that alone which draws round itself the mind and the five senses, which rest in Prakriti.

15. 8 Even as the wind wafts scent from their seat, so too jivatma, which is the controller of the body etc, taking the mind and the senses from the body which it leaves behind forthwith migrates to the body which it acquires.

15. 9 It is while dwelling in the senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell, as well as in the mind, that this jivatma enjoys the objects of senses.

15. 10 The ignorant know not the soul departing from, or dwelling in the body, or enjoying the objects of the senses, i.e., even when it is connected with the three Gunas; only those endowed with the eye of wisdom are able to realize it.


Jivatma(individual soul in the body) is MY own part
It attracts mind and senses and rests in Prikriti
When death takes place, this jivatma(who is not Realized) takes with it mind and senses(unfulfilled desires and vasanas) seeks another body to fulfil those desires
It is Jivatma sitting in (prakriti called) body enjoys and suffers, identifying itself with the body
Those who do not have the Knowledge, do not understand all this, the wise know it.

15. 11 Striving yogis too are able to realize this Self enshrined in their heart.The ignorant, however, whose heart has not been purified, know not this self in spite of their best endeavors.


Striving yogis with pure heart are able to realize this.
Not those whose hearts still have desires and expectations from this world.
In other words, if you think that the world of creation(the Tree) is real, your heart remains impure


The line between dawn and morning is so evanescent, so thin, that one does not know when exactly the dawn disappeared and the morning appeared.
You wake up and the dream disappears like the dawn of the morning

15. 12 The light in the sun, that illumines the entire world, and that which shines in the moon and that too which shines in the fire, know that light to be Mine.

15. 13 And,permeating the soil, it is I who support all creatures by my Vital Power, and becoming the nectarine moon, I nourish all plants.

15. 14 taking the form of fire lodged in the body of all creatures and united with the Prana(exhalation) and Apana breaths, it is I who consume the four kinds of food.

15. 15 It is I, who remains seated in the heart of all creatures as the inner controller of all; it is I who am the source of memory, knowledge and the ratiocinating faculty. Again, I am the only object worth knowing though the Vedas; I alone am the father of the Vedanta and the knower of the Vedas too.


HE describes HIMSELF; the light in sun, moon and fire are HIS only
In earth as vital power supports creation, as moon nourishes the plants
Seated in each being, HE controls all the functions
Yes, HE alone is worth knowing, rest is all prakriti and Maya(that which is not) or delusion.
Talk of highest scripture Vedas, in that also, HE is the one to be known
Everything has come only from HIM.
In other words eliminate all doubts and develop total faith in HIM


There is one theme.

15. 16 The perishable and the imperishable too- these are the two kinds of Purushas in this world. Of these, the bodies of all beings are spoken of as the perishable' while the jivatmas or the embodied soul is called imperishable.

15. 17 The Supreme person is yet other than these, who having entered all the three worlds, upholds and maintains all, and has been spoken of as the imperishable Lord and the Supreme Spirit

15. 18 Since I am wholly beyond the perishable world of matter or Kshetra, and am superior even to the imperishable soul, hence I am known as the Purushottama in the world, as well as, in the Vedas.


HE explains further the entire Creation
There is perishable matter which is Prakriti
Imperishable matter is called Jivatma or embodied soul, (you and me who are in ignorance)
HE is higher than both of these and is called PURUSHOTHAMA
Embodied soul is called Jiva for it is in Avidya or in ignorance of its True Nature
Liberation is realizing its true nature where it finds its unity with Purushothama
Dwaitins believe, that jiva can never be in unity with Purushothama for HE is perennially different from Jiva. Truth will be revealed by various scriptures like Bhagavatha

15. 19 Arjuna, the wise man who thus realizes ME as the Supreme Person-knowing all, he constantly worships ME with this whole being.

15. 20 Arjuna, this most esoteric teaching has thus been imparted by Me; grasping it in essence man becomes wise and his mission in life is accomplished.


Wisdom lies in total dedication to HIM
Constant worship of HIM
Develop complete faith in HIM
Use Reason, and grasp HIS teaching.
Liberate yourself.
Mission in life will have been accomplished
Mission in life is not getting bogged down in creation, but coming out of it.
That is why the cutting of the Tree called creation, by sword of detachment.

If you are Bhakti oriented, follow the teachings to the letter with total faith.
This is how the followers of Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acharya of Iskcon do.
Read only books like Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, bhakti books which augment bhakti


The seemingly never ending quarrels and arguments between the advocates of Bhakti and Jnana gets dissolved at a stage where words merge in silence
In that Great Silence the merger of Dwaita and Adwaita, Bhakti and Jnana, takes place, leaving surprisingly no trace of difference.
Surprise is when one stands on this side of the bank called ignorance, with Knowledge all surprise too ends

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