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Chapter 7

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7. 1 Listen Arjuna, I will tell you, how to know me in entirety and without any doubts, with mind attached to me, with absolute dependence on me.
7. 2 I am unfolding to you completely, the Wisdom(of formless aspect of Mine) and knowledge (of qualified or form aspect of God), knowing which nothing else remains to be known.
7. 3 Hardly one among thousands tries to realize Me, of them too, one rare soul knows me in reality.
Key points to know the Lord
Mind(with intellect) attached only to HIM
Dependence only on HIM(not on the world, wealth, relatives, education, strength, power, influence)
In short one obsession (His Name.)
Strivers are one in 1000, and in that also one rare one Realizes.
A acute continuous urge for liberation is more essential than, giving up attachment or desires! (PDasi)
7. 4-5 Pancha bhutas, mind intellect, ego are MY 8-fold prakriti which is lower nature, Jiva(soul) principle is Higher nature, which sustains this whole universe
7. 6 From the combination of these two, all beings are evolved. I am the origin and and end of this World.
7. 7 There is nothing else besides Me. Like clusters of beads, all this is threaded on me.
7. 8 I am sapidity in water, light in sun and moon, Om in vedas, sound in Akash, vigour in man
7. 9 Pure odour in earth, brilliance in fire, life in all beings, austerity in ascetics I am
7. 10 Know me eternal seed of all beings, intelligence of the intelligent, glory of the glorious
7. 11 Might of the might, free from desire,& passion, I am the desire not in conflict with Virtue
The Lord above 8 shlokas(4-11) tells how He Himself has become everything. In fact there is nothing besides Him.
when he says I am sapidity in water or life in beings he says that He is the essence, core of all that makes water, or beings.
Consequently, we can see in our intelligence HIM, removing the feeling of I. Immediately He will give the right discrimination.
Look at all the great inventions, discoveries, theories, principles of justice, Equity and natural laws, all came out of Intelligence and goodness which is HE.
Even when the intellect is used wrongly also some good only eventually come out of it. war brings out countless inventions for scientists are pressed to get things fast.
7. 12 Entities born of Satwa, rajas, tamas, evolved from Me, I am not in them, (nor)they are in Me
7. 13The world which is evolved from the 3 Modes (gunas), is deluded and does not know me, who is imperishable,(and standing apart from these)
7. 14 This divine Maya of Mine, consisting of three modes(gunas), impossible to break through. Those who (constantly)adore me alone cross.
Maya consists of three gunas Satwa Rajas and Tamas. Maya is that which is not. Inexplicable. There is no point in trying to understand it. The only way to tackle Maya is to cross it
Lord shows the only way to transcend it. Seeing Him everywhere, in everyone. This can happen only when we have that as an obsession and none other.
7. 15 Those whose wisdom has been carried away by Maya, embraced a demoniac nature, such foolish and vile men of evil deeds do not adore me.
7. 16 Four types of devotees worship me. the desperate, the seeker of wealth, the seeker of knowledge, man of wisdom
7. 17 Among them Jnani(wise one) is the best one who is ever established in identity with Me, and possessed of exclusive devotion, and he is extremely dear to Me.
7. 18 All these are noble,but Jnani is my very self, For he has his mind and intellect merged in Me, firmly established in Me alone, the highest goal
7. 19 In the last of all births, enlightened soul worships Me, realizing all this is God. Such a great soul is very rare.
The foolish and the wicked do not adore him. These are in insurmountable Maya. The good people are the believers. Among these good souls the majority are desire ridden. It is the jnani who is ever established in Him alone and a rare soul is dear to Lord. He is one among a million(shloka 3 above).
God starts manifesting Himself in the Jnani who is none other than Bhakta. God starts His play in this world through the Bhakta. Jnani becomes the visible God for his devotees and the wishes are easily granted by the Lord.
All of you who are seriously in our satsangh taking up scriptures on liberation intently, have to understand that this will be your last life(shloka 19 above). For the Lord says You having acquired the Jnan(shloka 7, Knowledge of Reality, that there is nothing in the world other than Lord Himself) will reach Him. What should be our action? make him our salt , sugar,perfume, our water, our very breath, our clothes, our floor on which we walk, see Him everywhere, silently feel His absence, cry when none observe you, feel emptiness and at the same time feel the fullness of Him everywhere. Accept praise, insults, neglect, difficulties, disasters, as His Grace, His Prasad. Love Him as if you are with your beloved.... and He is your beloved for He alone listens to you and reaches out to you as none could, He alone fills the loneliness you feel. Get lost into Him and let it be a secret too.
7. 20 With desires wisdom carried away, prompted by their nature,worship other deities following the rules relating to them
7. 21 Whatsoever deity one worships with total faith, I stabilize that faith of that particular devotee in that very form.
7. 22 Endowed with such faith when he worships that particular deity obtains without doubt his desires
7. 23 The fruit gained by these men of little understanding will end. Worshippers of Gods attain to Gods
All deities do fulfil any desire we want to be fulfilled if we follow the rules of worship Lord says I am myself stabilizing faith of that individual (at least somewhere he gets his faith takes roots.)
What we see all the time in the temples, houses and everywhere we do pujas, prayers, vritas etc, all are desire prompted. We will get the result undoubtedly. but short lived. For next 10 desires and problems crop up and again and again we will be in similar position through out life. At some point we have to decide what we really want and at what stage we are going to start loving the Lord without desires for liberation.
7. 24 Not knowing My unsurpassable undecaying Supreme nature, the ignorants believe me, the Supreme spirit beyond the reach of mind and senses, think to be human
7. 25 I am not manifest to everyone, veiled by Yoga maya. Hence the ignorant do not recognise me, the unborn,imperishable supreme deity.
7. 26 I know all beings past present, as well as future, but none knows me.
7. 27 Through delusion born out of pairs of opposites like desire and hatred, all creatures of the world are falling a prey to infatuation
7. 28 But those of virtuous men whose sins have come to an end, being freed from delusion in the shape of pairs of opposites, worship Me with firm resolve in every way
Maya or delusion is getting swayed by pairs of opposites. wanting praise but not wanting insults, wanting one side of the coin not wanting other side of it, without realizing selection of one automatically you get involved into other.
Virtuous men who are now sinless bear both side of the pairs as Grace of the Lord.
7. 29-30 Those who, having taken refuge in Me, strive for deliverance from old age and death know Brahma, the whole Adhyatma, karma adhibhuta adhidaiva, adhiyajna. They who possessed of steadfast mind, know thus eve at the hour of death, they too know Me alone
These are explained at the beginning of chapter 8

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